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Article: Branching Out

Branching Out - Earth:en

Branching Out

Since the journey began it has taken over 3 years of designing, developing and formulating to build a range of skincare products, that we can finally proudly call Earth:en.  The :en in our name indicates that our products are enriched by the earth and are Australian made and owned.  Combining our knowledge as pharmacists who have an appreciation for the land and sustainable farming practices, we have cultivated a vision to create a range of products that incorporate real fruit extracts as the hero ingredients.

Earth:en is aligned with a farm-to-skin approach which will resonate with the passionate “foodie” who is also conscious of the quality of products they apply to their skin on a daily basis.  We have used a diverse array of organic fruit extracts across the entire range of products.  In particular, the Ecoganic bananas used to make the banana extract can be traced directly to a Far North Queensland farm in Innisfail.  

We have formulated our entire range to be suitable for all skin types and have used gentle ingredients for sensitive skin, choosing to leave the products parfum free. 

We hope that you love them as much as we do!

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Future Aspirations - Earth:en

Future Aspirations

Looking forward, we aspire to have a direct link to the Australian farms and contact with the farmers supplying our fruit, which is used in the extraction process.  

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Strong Foundations - Earth:en

Strong Foundations

The idea behind Earth:en was strongly embedded in founder and co-owners grass roots and background in Far North Queensland. 

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