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Beauty Shortlist Awards 2024, Prevention Australia Best of Beauty Awards 2023

Multi-Award Winner!

Your Australian farm to skin brand.

Unearth your healthiest-looking skin

Locally sourced ingredients

Experience the Earth:en glowing skin routine

Earth:en Australian enriched skincare

Earth:en blends Australian grown produce with native bush foods, embodying a holistic celebration of Australian farming. We responsibly source our ingredients and ethically formulate our products to highlight their amazing skin nourishing benefits.

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Formulated for sensitive skin


Our products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind. We have used gentle ingredients that are known to be friendly for sensitive skin types and are non-comedogenic.

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Australian enriched

We believe that great skincare begins with great ingredients. That’s why we set out to create products that harness the nutritional benefits of our native fruits and botanical oils, sourced directly from Australian farmers, and ethically formulated without cruelty, toxins or harmful chemicals.

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Minimal footprint

There is a symbiotic relationship between our land and our wellbeing, and we are mindful of preserving this connection with nature to benefit the generations to come.

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Pure active Ingredients

Advanced scientific extraction technology

We ensure purity of our hero ingredients through advanced extraction systems developed in Australia.

As a pharmacist and proud resident of North Queensland, I've always been deeply connected to the bountiful nature surrounding me. Growing up amidst the sights and sounds of rural farming, I learned to appreciate the purity and power of natural ingredients. However, my personal struggle with sensitive skin led me on a journey to create something truly special. Teaming up with my husband Paul, also a pharmacist, we embarked on a mission to formulate skincare solutions that are gentle, effective, and inspired by Australia. Our brand is a reflection of our commitment to harnessing the best of nature to nurture and protect your skin.

Charlene Keller , Founder and CEO

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Featured journal entries

About the products - Earth:en

About the products

The idea to formulate a range of products that would not aggravate my sensitive skin, is how the idea for “Earth:en” was born. I still suffer with acne and it has been an ongoing search to find pro...

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Growing up in a rural farming community instils a myriad of familiar memories that were a part of life as I knew it.  The sound of the cane trains chugging along the railway line, which runs alongs...

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Strong Foundations - Earth:en

Strong Foundations

The idea behind Earth:en was strongly embedded in founder and co-owners grass roots and background in Far North Queensland. 

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