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Article: Strong Foundations

Strong Foundations - Earth:en

Strong Foundations

The idea behind Earth:en was strongly embedded in founder and co-owners grass roots and background in Far North Queensland.  Experiencing a childhood in a diverse produce farming region of Australia, was the foundation for a dependence on the abundant supply of fresh tropical fruits, that freely flowed onto the dining table.  Far North Queensland is home to a wide array of farming and tropical fruit crops, namely:  bananas, papaya/pawpaws and sugarcane, to list a few.  The annual rainfall is the ideal environment for the growing regions to prosper and produce some of the highest quality fruit.  In addition to the farmed produce, is the lush green tropical rainforest, which houses many native Australian plants and fruits, such as the quandong and finger lime.  Combining the cultivated produce with the native Australian fruits, was the ultimate recipe for any food-loving person, who has a desire to care for their skin in the most indulgent way imaginable.

Paul and Charlene met whilst both studying Pharmacy at James Cook University in Townsville.  As the direction of their career path became clear, they worked and entered pharmacy ownership in the northern region of Queensland.  They were privy to knowledge of the area and surrounding districts that contribute largely to the supply of produce across the country.  They first-handed witnessed a category 5 cyclone and the high annual rainfall, causing localised flooding and the devastation to crops and farming.  The total loss of crops and livelihoods impacts the entire community, with a loss of jobs for seasonal workers and the flow-on effects that become evident in the affected towns.

The foundation to create a unique skincare brand was the culmination of the love of their homeland, which produces top quality tropical fruits and the passion for two pharmacists to formulate a range of products.  Harnessing the combination of the farmed produce and the native Australian bush food, was a powerful idea to form a luxurious skincare range.  Hence, was the creation and development of a unique farm-to-skin brand named Earth:en.

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Branching Out - Earth:en

Branching Out

Since the journey began it has taken over 3 years of designing, developing and formulating to build a range of skincare products, that we can finally proudly call Earth:en. 

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