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We’re based in Northern Queensland, and are proud of our provenance. We’re mindful not to be a burden on our land or community, which is why we’re establishing a model that sources our ingredients from growers. This means we can trace their origins and ensure that you know what you are putting on you skin is Australia's finest. 


Our banana extract is sourced from ecologically grown bananas from the Innisfail growing region. These bananas have been rated a grade higher than certified organic products.

We pay respect to the Bininij/Mungguy native indigenous Aboriginals, their ancestors, and respectful owners of the land where the kakadu plum is natively grown and harvested. We’re able to harness the powerful health benefits in our refreshing mist because of their Knowledge.

The Emu apple in our hydrating moisturiser is sourced straight from the Wild Food Farm in Victoria and some is wild harvested from South Australia. 

The Fingerlime we use is sourced from Australian fingerlime caviar which consist of nine growers, with over eleven thousand trees, growing ten varieties of finger lime. All of the orchards growers utilise farm best practice using sustainable methods, applying only organic natural fertilizers and pest control management approved by the Biological Farmers Association (BFA).  We acknowledge these growers and including pioneer grower Judy Viola and Sheryl Rennie for providing the produce to use in our hydrating mist and balancing moisturiser.