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Growing up in a rural farming community instils a myriad of familiar memories that were a part of life as I knew it.  The sound of the cane trains chugging along the railway line, which runs alongside my parents’ yard, is a prominent childhood memory.  The trains travel to and from the sugar mill, delivering empty cane bins to the farms to be filled with sugar cane and then return to the mill for crushing and refining into sugar.

Another familiar sight was the tractors transporting papaya and bananas from the paddocks to the packing sheds, where the fruit is washed, sorted and packed into boxes to be sent to market.

The best part is that we got to eat the “second grade” fruit, which is perfectly good fruit.  The farmers aren’t able to send the fruit due to markings on the skin, or the fruit being odd in shape and size.  It may not be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it tastes equally as good as the unmarked “first grade” fruit and avoids the wastage pile.

It is evident that rural produce farming has had a long-lasting impact into adulthood, in regard to how we choose to nourish our family with the best of fruit and vegetables each day.  Also, Far North Queensland is known for its natural beauty, where the tropical rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef.  There are not many places on earth where you can see a cassowary walk along the beach or look from the beach and see reef, rainforest and bananas all within a stone’s throw.  We must contribute to preserving the beauty of nature and the species which inhabit the rainforest and the oceans.

My persistent search to find skincare products that suit my sensitive skin type, without causing allergic reactions or aggravating acne, has always been an issue.  So, Paul and I combined our knowledge as pharmacists and pharmacy owners, to create a natural skincare range which is nourishing and free from harmful ingredients.  Harnessing the nutritional benefits of real fruit extracts, that can be traced to particular growing regions of Australia, is the ultimate goal we have achieved.  It was most important to create a journey and a pleasant overall experience when applying our products, with the added touch of some naturally powerful ingredients.  We carefully chose essential oils as natural fragrances to incorporate into the products, without using any perfume or artificial fragrances.


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Strong Foundations - Earth:en

Strong Foundations

The idea behind Earth:en was strongly embedded in founder and co-owners grass roots and background in Far North Queensland. 

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About the products - Earth:en

About the products

The idea to formulate a range of products that would not aggravate my sensitive skin, is how the idea for “Earth:en” was born. I still suffer with acne and it has been an ongoing search to find pro...

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