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Article: About the products

About the products - Earth:en

About the products

The idea to formulate a range of products that would not aggravate my sensitive skin, is how the idea for “Earth:en” was born. I still suffer with acne and it has been an ongoing search to find products that don’t affect the oil balance of my skin.  When trying a skincare product I will often have an instant allergic reaction, where my skin flares up into an itchy, red rash.

Another point is that I have thick, curly hair, which requires very moisturising shampoo and conditioners and leave-in moisturisers.  I recently learned that the nourishing products I was using in my hair, were causing my skin to feel oily.  This was working against the products that I was applying to my face and was basically providing the perfect environment for pimples.

Paul and I developed the four-step routine, which begins using with the Cleansing Gel morning and night.  After patting your face dry, the next product to apply is the Refreshing Mist, which can also be used to refresh your face during the day, if required.  The third step is to gently press the Serum into the skin on the face, neck and decolletage, once or twice daily.  The serum nourishes the skin with a powerful vitamin and antioxidant formula and I recommend to concentrate the serum on areas of skin discolouration, sun damage and dry patches.  The final step is to massage the Balancing or Hydrating Moisturiser (depending on your skin type), in the morning and evening as required to the face, neck and decolletage.  My skin type is oily/combination so I generally use the Balancing Moisturiser, especially in the summer months.  During the cooler weather when my skin is dry, I concentrate the Hydrating Moisturiser into the patches of dry skin. 

The sixth product in the Earth:en range is the Banana and Macadamia Body Moisturiser.  This cream is very hydrating to apply to the skin from neck to toe, leaving the skin feeling moisturised and not greasy.

We believe one of the most important goals in developing this range was to create luxurious, high-quality products that are good “value-for-money”.  We opted for larger sized containers and when you try the products for yourself, you will notice that a small amount goes a long way.  Rather than having to re-purchase my skincare each month, our products have been covering my twice daily routine for 2 months or longer.

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