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Earth:en Tropical Duo | Body + Balancing moisturiser

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Earth:en Tropical Duo - Earth:en
Earth:en Tropical Duo | Body + Balancing moisturiser Sale price$136.00

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Lena Donaj
Absolutely loved it

The first thing that appealed me to these products were that they're Australian made and owned, no harmful ingredients and that they're vegan & cruelty free!

I tried both products separately (small amount of each) and I thought they were too heavy for my climate (hot and humid). I tried them both again before bed and noticed the difference right away. They initially feel thick and heavy on your skin, but absorb in wonderfully without the tacky and sticky feeling that most moisturisers or lotions leave.

My skin was noticeably more hydrated and silky the next day, not to mention
the scent is amazing (not overpowering or a fake smell).

I generally have sensitive, oily skin (only dry on knees etc) and these products didn't give me an extra oily feeling and I had no reactions like I would with most moisturisers.
I will definitely be purchasing these again for myself and as gifts!

I received this product from EARTH:EN to review.

Sally kay
Fruit Salad for Your Skin

Papaya, finger lime, banana, and macadamia – it's a fruit salad for your skin!

The Balancing Moisturiser is the smooth operator of the pair, thanks to papain, the exfoliating maestro that kicks dead skin cells to the curb. Amino acids, Vit C & E join the party as antioxidants, giving your skin a collagen boost and making it feel like a VIP at a rejuvenation gala. With anti-inflammatory properties, this moisturizer is the soothing troubleshooter, calming skin irritations like a skincare superhero.

Banana & Macadamia, the hydration sensation. It's like a tropical vacation for your skin, creating a protective barrier that's more comforting than a hug from a palm tree. Rich in fatty acids, it hydrates and improves texture, making your skin look as smooth as a well-timed punchline. And those phytosterols? They're the peacekeepers, handling itchiness and redness with finesse, leaving your skin as serene as a hammock under swaying banana leaves.

Together, these moisturisers are the ultimate skincare escapade, giving your skin the vacation it deserves.

In love!

Vegan and cruelty free what is not too love! I absolutely adore that this product is also Australian made and owned. It has no harmful ingredients and the products smell divine and have such great texture on the skin. The balancing face moisturiser has been a godsend for my acne, prone skin. It feels so luxurious and comfortable underneath make up the same goes for the body moisturiser. It is fast absorbing and doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin. The packaging is beautiful I will definitely be re-purchasing this pack again. I would also be interested in trying some of the other products as I was highly impressed with these two.

Loving this duo!

I can only speak highly about this duo. Both products are so absorbent, they work perfectly on my dry skin. My skin tends to be sensitive but it had no reaction whatsoever. They are exceptionally hydrating and keep my skin healthy. I would recommend this to anyone who has dry skin and is looking for products that aid it in becoming more healthy.

Brad M.
Tropical duo