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Earth:en Normal to Dry Skin Trio | Mist + Serum + Hydrating moisturiser

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Earth:en Normal to Dry Skin Trio - Earth:en
Earth:en Normal to Dry Skin Trio | Mist + Serum + Hydrating moisturiser Sale price$179.10 Regular price$199.00

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This was a huge surprise to me, I hadn't even heard of the brand before and my skin has been very mistreated lately (life gets busy) it's been a bit red and off. So I was surprised at how gentle and this trio is on my skin. I'm loving using this and it's made a real difference to my skin.

I've loved the smell of the products. The way my skin feels is perfect. I don't feel dry or oily anymore, it just feels clear and healthy.

I received this product from EARTH:EN to review.

Glow Naturally trio

Discover the essence of Australian beauty with the Earthen Trip Pack, a meticulously crafted skincare collection that embodies purity and efficacy. Made entirely in Australia with natural, cruelty-free ingredients sourced from tropical and native Australian fruits, this clean beauty regimen is a breath of fresh air for sensitive skin. The non-greasy moisturizer provides my skin intense hydration, perfect for the warmer seasons, while imparting a radiant glow to the skin. The unique combination of lychees, lemon, and finger lime in the mist offers a refreshing burst of vitality throughout the day, making it an essential companion from office to home. The lightweight serum effortlessly illuminates the complexion, leaving it bright and glowing.

After almost a month of dedicated use, the transformative effects of this trio are undeniable. My skin is hydrated, softer and glowing. I wholeheartedly recommend the Earthen Trip Pack to anyone in search of a natural skincare solution that not only nourishes the skin but also embodies a commitment to sustainability. Thanks to EARTH:EN for the opportunity to experience this gentle yet effective skincare journey. I received this product from EARTH:EN to review.

Natural morning routine!

I was looking for a natural morning skincare routine and The Earth:en trio did not disappoint! I’ve been using the 3 products for the last month and am very impressed. The mist is light and hydrating and the moisturiser is rich and brightens, without feeling too heavy, the smell of watermelon and emu apple is so delicious and 100ml, it’s great value. The serum was a little thick and hard to extract from the bottle at times but I one drop was all you need! All in all, the trip lived up to my expectations and love that it’s all natural and Australian made! I received this product from EARTH:EN to review.

Vanessa G
A great trio for all skin days

This arrived with perfect timing. I'd been using more aggressive skin products and my skin was screaming for something more gentle but still effective. I'm an absolute sucker for a face most so that has been living on my desk for middle of the day refreshes in the air conditioning. The serum goes on lovely without a sticky feeling or any irritation. The moisturiser isn't too thick that it won't absorb and not so thin that it feels ineffective. The usual summer dark spots had been plaguing me and I feel this trio has helped keep that in check, my skin has enjoyed the break from overly active and harsh products, and benefited from the goodness of these instead, it feels hydrated and soft. The products also smell lovely! Nothing artificial smelling, you can pick out the natural scent of the featured ingredients in each item.

Definitely going to run out of the face mist soon!

I received this product from EARTH:EN to review.

Susie Osment
A Naturally Brilliant Australian Trio!!!

I absolutely love that these are cruelty free Australian made products, comprised of natural Australian active ingredients!!!
I also think it is fantastic to have such a fabulous skincare line that can be used during pregnancy and while breastfeeding - what a game changer!

The mist feels amazing on my skin, especially on hot summer days - it instantly refreshes and revitalises my skin! I therefore have been using it not only as the first step in this skincare routine, but by itself throughout the day.

Both the serum and moisturiser absorb well on application, and leave my skin feeling very soft and smooth. They are very hydrating and make my skin feel amazing! They also create a lovely canvas to then apply makeup on.

I will certainly be continuing to use and purchase these wonderful Australian products, which are also presented beautifully - I love the earthy caps of the mist and moisturiser!

I received this product from EARTH:EN to review.