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Body moisturiser, Banana & Macadamia | 140g

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Body moisturiser, Banana & Macadamia | 140g - Earth:en
Body moisturiser, Banana & Macadamia | 140g Sale price$59.00

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Customer Reviews

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The body moisturiser left my skin feeling hydrated overnight when I applied it before bed. The smell makes me feel clean and refreshed after a shower. I would recommend this product to others. I received this product from Earthen to review.

Really nice body moisturiser

Really nice moisturiser. Made my skin feel soft and hydrated all day !!! Also found it evened my skin texture.

hydrating body moisturiser

I have sensitive skin and did not react to this product, despite the product being scented slightly with banana and macadamia. The product was also light in texture, and absorbed quickly, leaving my skin feeling hydrated after use, especially noticeable after shaving. It comes in a pump bottle, so i would love for the bottle to be a bit bigger in size (180-200g).

best products ever

this lushes frutiy moisturies glides through my skin smelling amzing

Hydrating, delicious smelling moisturiser

I recently trialled the Banana and macadamia body moisturiser for 14 days, and to say I am impressed is an understatement. Firstly, the packaging of this moisturiser is lovely, it has an aesthetic look to it with a brown lid and a white body, making it the perfect looking moisturiser to leave out on display. The moisturiser flavour smelt delicious and it easily came out of the bottle, allowing for easy application onto the skin. The benefits I noticed from using this product were: persistently having hydrated skin, reduced inflammation and reduced skin redness. Unlike other moisturisers, I found that this product adequately hydrated my skin and reduced my usual flakey appearance. I also have easily irritated skin, and this product soothed the irritation and made my skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated. I would definitely purchase this product in the future. The only downside to this product is that the bottle was only 140g, which I found that I would use through the bottle very quickly. So, I would love to see this product in a larger packaging. Disclaimer: I received this product from Earth:en to review.