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Article: Future Aspirations

Future Aspirations - Earth:en

Future Aspirations

Looking forward, we aspire to have a direct link to the Australian farms and contact with the farmers supplying our fruit, which is used in the extraction process.  Farmers have a lot of wastage with fruit that does not make it to market, because even though the fruit is of top quality, it is not sellable simply because of its appearance - maybe the skin may be marked or not a desirable shape or size.

This has revealed an opportunity to use the marked fruit, rather than it being thrown into a waste pile. Reducing fruit wastage and the creation of a thriving extract market would be of great value to Australian farmers. The goal is to support rural farming communities, through the usage of otherwise unsaleable fruit.  In return, we will have direct traceability of fruits back to the farms.

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Branching Out - Earth:en

Branching Out

Since the journey began it has taken over 3 years of designing, developing and formulating to build a range of skincare products, that we can finally proudly call Earth:en. 

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